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Used Luxury Backpacks

Sometimes you need something practical for carrying your things when you’re traveling, and it never hurts to be able to use your hands while on the go. But there’s no reason that form and function cannot coexist—bring them together in a designer backpack. Not just for the school set, these bags can make travel a snap without sacrificing your style, serving as perfect carry-ons or as the only way to backpack through Paris without looking like a tourist. As people become more mobile and commute and bike more, the trend of fashionable backpacks is turning into a wardrobe staple, one that you can’t do without.

There are many high-end varieties, from the drawstring bag to the rucksack and the classic backpack. We’ve handpicked used packs from only the best brands and checked each one for its quality, wear, and authenticity. 

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8 Item(s)
8 Item(s)