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Professional Cleaning and Rejuvenation

We use an extensive cleaning and rejuvenation process to ensure that items listed for sale on Yoogi's Closet look and feel their best.

Fine Leather Goods

Leather handbags are conditioned and cleaned safely and gently using a seven step process. This process is the same used by museums and restorers world wide.

Step 1. A fine brush is used to remove particles of dirt in the seams, folds, and creases.

Step 2. A rejuvenation oil is massaged into all leather surfaces. The rejuvenation oil is made from all natural ingredients with ph correct proteins and collagens and does not contain harsh chemicals, petroleum or mineral oil fillers of any type (which cause leather fibers to deteriorate. Step 3. The leather item is gently heated for 24 hours. This allows the pores of the leather to open up and absorb the rejuvenation oil through capillary action. As the oil is absored deep into the pores of the leather, dirt, perspiration (salts), contaminant oils, and other toxins that destroy the fibers of the leather are forced out and find their way to the surface of the leather.

Step 4. After contaminants are driven out of the pores, the surface has a sticky feel and slight haze. A mild cleaner is used to remove the grime without removing the rejuvenation oils. A soft brush is also used to remove stubborn marks. We do not use saddle soap as it has been known to remove the dye from leather.

Step 5. The leather surface is gently buffed to a luxurious finish with a clean microfiber towel.

Step 6. Metal polish is applied to all exterior hardware and is gently buffed using a microfiber towel.

Step 7. The interior is cleaned using a mild, non-toxic cleaner and soft brush.


Tiffany Polish
We use manufacturer recommended
cleaning products.
  • Jewelry with minor surface scratches and tarnishing are cleaned using a small amount of polish and buffed to restore the original luster.
  • Items with deeper scratches are sent out to be professionally polished and refinished. Tiffany jewelry requiring extensive polishing is shipped to the manufacturer for this process.
  • Earrings are cleaned with alcohol to remove contamination prior to polishing.